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DVD Descriptions


ACTS of Leadership


How can I be more fruitful leader in the Charismatic Renewal today?

This series explores four aspects of formation necessary for leaders to continue to grow in their relationship with God, their relationship with each other and to help them effectively answer the plan that God has for them. 

  • Apostolic Formation by Fr. John Gordon with a Panel Discussion: Forming an Apostolic Attitude
  • Commununal Formation by Walter Matthews with Panel Discussion: Conflict Resolution
  • Theological Formation by Dr. Tom Curran with Panel Discussion: Why Engage in Theological Formation
  • Spiritual Formation by Aggie Neck with Panel Discussion: Developing the Sense of Listening to God


A New Pentecost

Spoken in 7 different languages on the history of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Wonderful quotes from Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI.


Bringing Christ to my Everyday World


How can we reach our family, friends, neighbors and fellow workers with the G.O.S.P.E.L. of Jesus Christ? How can we learn to witness more effectively about Jesus and baptism in the Holy Spirit? When this School of Evangelism was originally presented nearly 10,000 Catholics benefited from its practical teaching.


Tape 1 Presentations include:

              Vision of Catholic Evangelization: Christ and the Church

                            By Rev. Chris Aridas

              Whom do I Bring to Jesus?

                            By Deacon Perry Vitale

              The Art of Evangelistic Listening

                            By Dr. Keith Fournier


Tape 2 Presentations include:

              Conversations about Christ: Witnessing in Daily Life

                            By David Thorp

              How to Give Your Personal Witness

                            By Patti Mansfield

              Sharing the Gospel of Jesus

                            By John Boucher


Tape 3 Presentations include:

              Invitation and Commitment to Jesus

                            By Chris Noble

              Meeting God in the Body of Christ

                            By Sr. Nancy Kellar, S.C.

              Mission: Go! Make Disciples

                            By Rev. Chris Aridas


Prayer Group Leadership Training


 Maintaining Vibrant Prayer Groups

Charisms: Stirring up the Gifts of the Sprit

  • Are Charisms ok?
  • Tongues, Prophecy and Healing
  • Leading and Pastoring
  • A Clinic in Stirring up the Gifts

Service: A New Heart/A New Mind

  • Profile of a Servant Leader
  • Looking for a Few Good…:Calling Others into Service
  • Skeletons for Service
  • Election, Selection or Revolt: Choosing Leaders

Unity: Building Relationships

  • Building on a Foundation of Love
  • Caring for One Another as Leaders
  • The Vision of Faith Sharing Groups
  • The Tools of Faith Sharing Groups



New Life in the Spirit Seminar Training Sessions

   This for training the leaders who will be leading the Life in the Spirit Seminars 

  • Hopes for the NLSS:Sacramental, Charismatic, Discipleship
  • Modifications Based on the CCC
  • Questions and Answers
  • NLSS: An Evangelistic Tool
  • NLSS: Tool for Adult Faith Formation